About Eco Natural Exchange

The world is changing in a good way!  We are more aware of the impact of each of our purchase decisions on the planet we live on.  More and more small eco-businesses create new innovative products out of their own kitchens to replace day-to-day products with better ingredients or components and less wasteful packaging.  We created this platform to help these small businesses find forward thinking retailers to offer their products to more customers willing to buy them.

Working Together for a Better Future

We don't adhere to the traditional view that businesses should compete against each other instead of collaborating.  When it comes to saving the planet, more available options are better than fewer.  We want to help like-minded suppliers and retailers work together to change the way consumers purchase products.

About the Founder

Chantal Plamondon has been involved in the wholesaling and retailing of eco-friendly and plastic-free products that have minimal packaging. She brings more than 11 years of experience in the online shopping field. She has been involved in the field of business ethics for the past 20 years and holds a law degree, a management degree and a masters in law.

Our Brands